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What is Knomii?

We’re a team of coaches and counselors who work with insightful connectors that want to feel supported so they can live joyful, energized, and meaningful lives - but are trapped in their heads and living somewhere between exhaustion, frustration and overwhelm.

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Our 1:1s and programs help clients receive the support they need to break the depletion cycle, and make confident and strategic decisions again.

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Tired of being the one everyone goes to for advice but rarely the one who asks? Access whichever modality of care you need in a non-judgmental space.

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Our systems and tools are built for people who are trying to sustainably grow all while helping the people in their lives become less reliant and demanding.

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Our team boasts credentials from our respective fields and are always growing in our skills and knowledge.

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  • Coaching can be very helpful with anxiety or depression, especially if you’ve already had some experience in exploring it with a counsellor or therapist. That said, at Knomii we have both coaches and licensed mental health counselors (therapists) on staff that can support you holistically in not only understanding your anxiety or depression, but also how to move forward in your life.

    As a general rule of thumb, coaching focuses on creating positive change, setting goals, and developing strategies to overcome personal challenges in a forward-looking way, which can significantly benefit those experiencing mild anxiety or depression. For more severe cases, we recommend consulting with our in-house licensed mental health professionals for a comprehensive treatment plan.

  • Coaching and therapy offer distinct benefits, but they are not the same. In many cases, the support you need can vary depending on what you’re currently facing in life. If you’re not sure which one you need, we’d really recommend the Knomii Package as you’ll experience 4 different styles of support including coaching and therapy.

    While coaching can feel therapeutic and therapy can take on a coaching vibe, there’s a general framework in how to understand coaching vs. therapy: counseling or therapy focuses on looking into the past, healing trauma, and understanding past experiences, whereas coaching looks at where you are now (including all of your past experiences) and helps you to move forward. Most people benefit from a mix of both therapy and coaching, which is why the Knomii Package builds both in.

  • Knomii stands out through our innovative collaborative care model. Unlike traditional practices, we offer clients access to a team of certified professional coaches and licensed mental health counselors, including specialized 1:1 coaching and therapy sessions.

    Even if you choose to focus most of your time with one of us, you still have access to all of us. No need to hire 5 different professionals to explore your wellness. We’ve got it in-house, including a network of partner practitioners! This team approach ensures a seamless and adaptive process tailored to each client's evolving needs. Our clients also enjoy complimentary monthly gatherings and early access to in-person retreats, fostering a community of support and ongoing personal growth.

  • Yes! Many of our credentials require confidentiality. When you begin working with us, we will include a service agreement which states this. The only time we share, with consent in the agreement, is when you choose to work with more than one of us so that we can share context with each other to facilitate the smooth transition into your session. Of course, you are welcome to override this at any time.

    That said, we encourage you to attend and share at monthly meetups. Our clients speak often about how transformative it is to be held in the space with others who are on similar paths.

  • A typical session at Knomii is personalized and client-centered, lasting approximately 60 minutes. In many sessions we focus on identifying goals, exploring possibilities, and devising actionable steps for personal or professional development. We also often delve into emotional well-being, addressing specific mental health concerns with therapeutic or coaching techniques. Regardless of the session type, our coaches and therapists provide a supportive, non-judgmental space for clients to explore and grow.

  • Currently, Knomii does not accept insurance. We strive to make our coaching and therapy services accessible by offering competitive pricing and flexible package options. Our clients find value in our comprehensive care model and the unique benefits it provides, such as access to our entire team and complimentary group sessions. For specific inquiries about pricing and packages, we encourage potential clients to contact us directly.

  • Choosing the right practitioner is crucial for a successful coaching or therapy journey. If you know you want the Knomii Package, you get the benefit of us all! Upon booking, we offer an initial consultation to understand your needs, preferences, and goals. This allows us to recommend the best match from our team of skilled coaches and therapists to start with before working with us all. If you’re only interested in working with one person for now, but not sure who, please do reach out to us at and we will do our best to find you the right fit.

    Remember, our collaborative care model ensures that you have the flexibility to work with various practitioners as your journey evolves, guaranteeing a personalized and adaptive experience.