Tired of feeling trapped, run down, and overwhelmed?

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This course is perfect for you if you can relate to any (or many) of these.

  • Do you often feel overwhelmed by worry or anxiety, even when there's no clear reason?
  • Are you experiencing persistent sadness or a loss of interest in things you once enjoyed?
  • Do you find yourself getting angry or irritated easily?
  • Are you constantly feeling ashamed of yourself or guilty?
  • Do you feel emotionally numb or disconnected?
  • Do you find it difficult to identify and understand your own emotions?
  • Have you been withdrawing from social interactions or isolating yourself from others?
  • Are you having trouble concentrating, completing tasks, or making decisions because of your emotions?
  • Have you been experiencing unexplained physical symptoms like headaches, stomachaches, or fatigue?
  • Have you had episodes of intense fear or discomfort with physical symptoms like a racing heart or difficulty breathing?

Meet Madeline (CPCC) & Cynthia (LMHC)!

A mother-daughter duo who discovered firsthand how personal growth can transform relationships.

Cynthia's journey into therapy during Madeline's teenage years sparked a shared passion for self-discovery and emotional healing. They learned that when we nurture ourselves, the people around us thrive too.

This experience ignited their desire to help others connect with themselves and build meaningful communities.

  • Jayne M.

    Testimonial from Jayne M. , Knomii Bean

    Being part of Knomii has shown me that there’s a whole community of people who are on the same journey with many of the same struggles as me. This community has given me different perspectives and tools to carry in my daily life which help me better implement therapy and self-awareness practices.

  • Nicole P.

    Testimonial from Nicole P. , Knomii Bean

    These sessions were invaluable in my journey towards my own inner knowing. The time spent here felt energizing, positive and supportive. Would 100% recommend...you will be amazed what you (re)learn about yourself.

  • Elizabeth M.

    Testimonial from Elizabeth M. , Knomii Bean

    I can't recommend Knomii enough! The leaders are so gifted at holding space for others and creating an engaging, reflective experience that allows you to really get to the heart of what direction you want to start moving in.