Meet Your Spirit Guides: Channeled Messages with Spirit

Hosted by Gabriella Alziari

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Have you ever felt an unseen presence guiding you through the ups and downs of life? Do you wonder if there's more to this universe than what meets the eye? If you're curious about the whispers of wisdom that seem to come from nowhere, or the sudden warmth that enfolds you during tough times, this workshop might just be what you're seeking.

Join us in exploring the mystical and intriguing world of Spirit Guides. Through our interactive and enlightening workshop, you'll uncover:

The Essence of Spirit Guides: Discover who these wise and evolved spiritual beings are. Learn about their journey beyond earthly incarnations and how they're assigned to be your allies in this lifetime, offering guidance, support, and healing.

Cultivating Connection with Spirit: We'll guide you through various ways to work with your Spirit Guides, including how to openly communicate with them, meditate to set intentions for receiving answers, and practice automatic writing to channel insights.

Personal Channeled Messages: Experience the power of meditation as we create a space for everyone to ask a question, and I will personally channel the answers for you.

Whether you're a seasoned spiritual explorer or just taking your first steps into the unseen, this workshop is designed to offer profound insights and practical techniques for anyone looking to enrich their life with the wisdom of their Spirit Guides. Join us and step into a world where all the world's a stage, and your guides are waiting in the wings, ready to support your every act.

More about Gabriella:

I’m passionate about helping others develop their leadership ability and channel their energy towards a greater purpose. I’ve been in the coaching space for 5 years and have coached a range of individuals, from executives to students.

I work with my clients to manage their energy, trust their intuition and lead a fulfilling life. I have a reiki level 2 certification and am a practitioner of meditation, yoga and qi gong. I use techniques from these disciplines to reduce stress, maximize mental clarity, and promote self-awareness.