New Year, True North: Crafting Powerful Intentions for 2024

Hosted by Madeline Farquharson, CPCC

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Welcome to "New Year, True North," a unique 1-hour group coaching workshop with Certified Professional Coach, Madeline. This session is designed for those who aspire to set powerful intentions for the New Year in community with others who desire the same.

What We'll Cover:

  • The Art of Intention Setting:
    • Discover the difference between intentions and resolutions.
    • Learn how to craft intentions that resonate with your personal and relational goals.
  • Reflective Exercise:
    • Engage in a guided activity to ponder your learnings from the past year.
  • Creating Your Intentions:
    • Step-by-step guidance on setting meaningful intentions for the New Year.
    • Different modalities for setting intentions that work for you.
  • Living Your Intentions:
    • Strategies to embody your intentions in everyday life.
    • Share a commitment with the group to help solidify your intention.