Quiz Quest: Uncover You!

Hosted by Maggie Glennon, M.Ed

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Spend some time digging into who you are with personality quizzes! We'll take an hour to explore quizzes ranging from deep self-discovery to fun and quirky. Enjoy the company of curious others and compare results, chat about what they mean, and have a blast uncovering new sides of ourselves. Join us for laughter, insights, and a whole lot of curiosity!


  • Uncover New Layers: Explore diverse facets of yourself through quizzes, unveiling surprising aspects and gaining deeper self-understanding.
  • Share and Learn: Comparing results with others offers fresh perspectives, enriching your insights and understanding of different personality traits.
  • Curiosity Spurs Growth: Embrace curiosity as a catalyst for personal growth; these quizzes provide valuable insights for self-reflection and development.