Roundtable: Collective Wisdom and Therapy/Coaching Circle

Hosted by Cynthia Garrett, LMHC ,Madeline Farquharson, CPCC

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You are invited to share, reflect, and grow. At Knomii Roundtables, we believe in the collective strength of shared experiences and the healing power of being heard.

What's In Store For You?

  1. Shared Wisdom: A safe and welcoming space to discuss your current challenges or just reflect on the myriad emotions of being human. Your story might be the insight someone else is seeking.
  2. Guided Conversations: Curated topics that touch on the shared experiences of life, love, struggles, and triumphs. These conversations aim to bring a fresh perspective, understanding, or just a sense of camaraderie.
  3. Comfort & Understanding: No judgments here. Only empathy, support, and a collective intent to lift each other up.
  4. Actionable Insights: Not just discussions, but takeaways. Whether it's a technique shared by Madeline, a therapeutic insight from Cynthia, or a life lesson from a fellow participant, you'll leave with something valuable.

Being human can be messy, beautiful, confusing, and wondrous all at once. Whether you're wrestling with a specific issue or simply wish to connect with others on this shared journey of life, the Wisdom & Comfort Circle is your haven. Come, be part of a community that understands, nurtures, and celebrates the human spirit.

Spaces are limited. Reserve your spot and embark on a journey of introspection, connection, and mutual support. Let’s navigate the ebbs and flows of life, together.

Hosted By:

  • Madeline, a Certified Professional Coach, who brings with her the tools and techniques to propel you forward. Her knack for insightful questioning helps unravel the tangles of life's dilemmas.
  • Cynthia, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, who lends a compassionate ear and offers therapeutic insights. Her vast experience helps in grounding emotions and finding clarity amidst the chaos.