ToolTalk: Therapy/Coaching Tools in Action

Hosted by Cynthia Garrett, LMHC ,Madeline Farquharson, CPCC

Join us for an upcoming session

Welcome to ToolTalk, where we bridge the gap between therapy and daily life! Led by a seasoned therapist and coach, our bi-weekly gatherings dive deep into the treasure trove of therapeutic and coaching tools. But we don't just talk—we apply!

Every session, we:

  1. Introduce: Unpack a selected tool, understanding its origins and applications.
  2. Discuss: Share experiences, insights, and challenges in a safe, collaborative environment.
  3. Implement: Work on real-life application strategies, crafting individualized action plans.

Why Join ToolTalk?

  • Demystify Therapy: Break down the walls around therapeutic practices, making them accessible and understandable.
  • Active Application: Go beyond theory. Find ways to integrate these tools into your daily life for real change.
  • Supportive Community: Connect with a group of like-minded individuals on the journey towards enhanced well-being.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of our therapist and coach, ensuring that you're gaining accurate knowledge and guidance.

ToolTalk is not just a club—it's a movement. It's about empowering ourselves with knowledge and practical skills to navigate life's complexities. Whether you've been in therapy for years, have just started your wellness journey, or are simply curious about the world of coaching tools, ToolTalk welcomes you.

Come, equip yourself, and let's co-create paths to better living. See you at our next meetup!