Curiosity is making a comeback.

Join the only club for people who love learning about themselves.

Attend dozens of monthly events with therapists and coaches as well as casual meetups to get your life moving in the direction you want it to (finally).

    Ignite Your Inner Spark

    We spend more time talking about what we don't want than what we do want. Get super clear on your dreams and goals, and then make it happen with some sweet, sweet accountability.

    Connect, Reflect, Grow

    Connect deeply with your 4 levels of intelligence (physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental) in various, exciting ways. And do it alongside people who get it and want to learn, too.

    Build Your Dream Team

    Why have one therapist or coach when you can have an entire team? Explore and try different kinds of wellness practices and see what fits. No more randomly searching for help without a clue where to begin!

Nearly 40% of psychologists have a waitlist. Many of which take more than 12 weeks to get through! Get the care, connection, and support you need right now with Knomii.

ByAmerican Psychological Association, 2022
  • Jayne M.

    Testimonial from Jayne M. , Knomii Bean

    Being part of Knomii has shown me that there’s a whole community of people who are on the same journey with many of the same struggles as me. This community has given me different perspectives and tools to carry in my daily life which help me better implement therapy and self-awareness practices.

  • Heather C.

    Testimonial from Heather C. , Knomii Bean

    These sessions not only helped tap into my authentic self; it helped show me I'm not alone. We are all going through hard things in our lives, but it's nice to know we can all become grounded and centered.

Meet Your Village

It takes a village to raise each other up! You're not in this alone and neither are we.

Cynthia (Licensed Mental Health Counselor) and her daughter Madeline (Certified Professional Coach) work alongside incredibly wise and talented therapists and coaches who are equally as passionate about getting powerful tools for wellbeing into the hands of people like you!

Our collective covers experts in health, spirituality, leadership, motivation, neurodivergence, and more.

Live Workshops

Mindful tarot? Managing depression? Setting boundaries? You've got options to explore! We offer several topics and time slots each week. Attend unlimited learning experiences with guides, coaches, and therapists across all areas of wellness.

Bi-Weekly Roundtables

Learn from others like you, and bring your challenges to our weekly roundtables. Use each other as a sounding board, and discover new exercises and strategies facilitated by Madeline and Cynthia.

Curious Groups

Join our monthly book club or pop into our bi-weekly tools club where we discuss and try out practical strategies for figuring out what you want, staying aligned, discovering your authentic self, and more. Want even more? Join our writer's circle, mindful tarot group, energy circles, and accountability groups, too!

  • Deb Y.

    Testimonial from Deb Y. , Knomii Bean

    Each session helped me to discover strengths I didn't realize I possessed and to rediscover strengths that were lost along the path of life. With Knomii, I believe anyone can experience a reawakening of spirit, and begin to live a life that is true... to you.

  • Nicole P.

    Testimonial from Nicole P. , Knomii Bean

    These sessions were invaluable in my journey towards my own inner knowing. The time spent here felt energizing, positive and supportive. Would 100% will be amazed what you (re)learn about yourself.

Who says introspection isn't a hobby?

Personal growth has become so serious. But it doesn't have to be that way. Our workshops are built to be engaging, interactive, and immediately applicable to your life. Figure out what works for you in a curious, vulnerable, and safe environment.

Events range from free to $25 USD. Join what works for your interests and your schedule.

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